Enter the building

How to find your way around

When you open the VR experience in your web browser you will see a loading bar appear on the page. While it’s loading you won’t be able to do anything with the VR experience, but after it’s loaded you should see the Manchester Reform Synagogue logo followed by an image of the outside of the synagogue – like in the screen grab below.

Full screen mode

The easiest way to start moving around the VR experience is by entering full screen mode. Just click on the icon in the bottom left of the screen to enter this mode (see the screen grab bel0w).

If you want to leave “full screen” mode you can do this by clicking the escape key at any point.

Moving around

In the centre of the screen you will see a yellow dot. This is how you “look” at something and select it when you’re inside the VR experience.

Now try clicking on the screen and holding down your mouse button, then drag your mouse pointer around. You’ll see that the perspective changes and you can look at different things all around you. You’ll also notice that the yellow dot moves, as well. Try dragging up until the yellow dot is over the entrance icon – like in the screen grab below.

You will see a little timer bar spinning around. Once it’s full you will find yourself transported to the foyer – like in the next screen grab.

You can continue moving around in this fashion, clicking and dragging the yellow dot over icons on the page to find your way into new locations and find virtual experiences within the synagogue.

Listening to audio and video

There are several places in the VR experience where you can listen to audio and view video. As you explore you will find icons that open audio or video as shown in the screen grab below.

If you hover over these (as described in “moving around” above) you will be presented with a play/stop icon which you can click on to play the audio or video.